Katrin M Nyman-Metcalf Head of the Chair of Law and Technology Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Katrin M Nyman-Metcalf is Head of the Chair of Law and Technology at Tallinn Law School, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia and Head of Research at the Estonian e-Governance Academy. In addition she works as a consultant on communications related matters worldwide: conducting analysis of legislation, assisting with legal drafting and creation of regulatory systems, advising on legal and social consequences of digitisation of broadcasting, and giving professional training in communications law and e-governance-related areas. She has worked in more than 40 different countries. Her PhD is in the law of outer space from Uppsala University, Sweden, 1999. She has published widely on communications law, space law, European Union, and public international law. Her principal research interests are related to the question of how law and technology meet, particularly in the area of communications in a wide sense, and how information and communication technologies can be used to facilitate governance.

DIGITALISATION and beyond: Media freedom in a new reality

The reason to take an interest in the technological changes to the communications landscape from a freedom of expression viewpoint may not be immediately obvious, but there are many such reasons. Recent changes in the communications sphere have entailed not just improvements to existing communications technologies but also profound changes to the way people communicate, how they get access to information and what their expectations are of communications technologies. However, in the regulatory and legal sphere work has mainly been aimed at making existing rules fit new technologies so as to better preserve the existing legal and regulatory environment, At some point this is no longer feasible but regulation has to change to fit the new communications landscape.