About Media Freedom and Regulation in the New Media World

The 2013–2015 programme of the Media Studies Research Group titled ‘The Foundations of European Media Law Thinking, with Special Emphasis on the Specific Issues of Freedom of Speech’ joins the research work of several areas of law. By becoming acquainted with the different approaches, we can better identify the models that might solve the emerging media law problems, and identify the ‘common minimum’ of European regulation and ‘best practices’, if any. In addition to investigating the European trends, it is just as important to examine, for example, the American, Australian, etc. legal systems and the impact they have on each other.

Over half a dozen publications have been published by the Research Group or are currently in preparation. The diverse team of authors of the publication titled Media Freedom and Regulation in the New Media World comprise respected, mainly foreign, experts in media law and freedom of speech. The studies in the book address the majority of the current problems regarding freedom of speech and media law. Hence, besides the fundamental theoretical questions related to media regulation, the papers deal with the issues raised by the new media services and digitalisation; the current challenges posed by Internet neutrality; the subject of online journalism and anonymity; the relationship between the regulations governing commercial and public service media and the law of the European Union; and also examine the competence of the European Union regarding media freedom; review the recent changes to the law on defamation; and analyse the liability of Internet service providers; the options in the protection of privacy and against the new forms of hate speech; as well as the jurisprudence of the United States and the European Court of Human Rights.

This collection of studies represents a contribution to the European, American, and Australian media law debates. The theoretical foundations and the overall picture of certain problems are further clarified or put into a larger perspective by the presentations held by the authors of the volume at the conference titled ‘Media Freedom and Regulation in the New Media World’.