Welcome notes

Monika Karas Chair, Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority

Dear Reader,

Conjecturing about the concept of freedom has always been a part of the human experience – however, its significance has perhaps never been greater than in today’s world of new media.

Nowadays, media regulatory authorities are trusted with overseeing areas that represent the prime drivers of democratic publicity. In order for such regulatory efforts to be effectively implemented, the pertaining theoretical groundwork must be precisely laid. After all, travellers, too, need accurate maps for reaching their destination.

It is through the endeavours at the Institute for Media Studies that the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) can obtain important research and scientific data that can be of assistance in its decision-making process. As regards the scientific activity, it is imperative that the voices and opinions of experts from around the world be also taken into account. We have gathered here in Budapest from three continents, with the purpose of engaging in a diverse and open scientific debate about current issues concerning freedom of speech and media regulation. It is a great honour for the NMHH to contribute to such a major international conference as co-organiser.

I expect that the presentations we are about to hear will foster further discussion and ideas, and truly hope that the theories expounded can one day form a solid foundation of regulatory practices of the future.

Monika Karas