24. 04. 2015.

8.00–9.00 Registration 9.00–9.20 Opening speeches

session 1

FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES OF MEDIA REGULATION 9.20–9.40 Russell L Weaver The Internet and democracy 9.40–10.00 Balázs Fekete Argumentation typologies in the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of the United States related to the foundations and limitations of the freedom of expression, and their relevance to the sociology of values 10.00–10.20 Thomas Gibbons Free speech, communication, and the state 10.20–10.40 Peter Leyland Regulating press freedom in the United Kingdom and the constitutional response to the phone hacking scandal 10.40–10.55 DISCUSSION, Q&A 10.55–11.15 COFFEE BREAK

Session 2

REGULATION OF NEW MEDIA 11.15–11.35 Rolf H. Weber New visions of political power in the digital age as challenge for a new media governance framework 11.35–11.55 Katrin M Nyman-Metcalf Digitalisation and beyond: Media freedom in a new reality

Session 3

COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS AND POLITICAL ADVERTISING 11.55–12-15 Irini Katsirea Commercial influences on programme content: The German and British approaches to transposing European Union rules on product placement 12.15–12-35 Tom Lewis From activism to self-restraint: The strange case of the European Court’s volte-face on broadcasting bans on political advertising 12.35–12.50 DISCUSSION, Q&A 12.50–14.20 LUNCH BREAK