24. 04. 2015.

Session 4

DEFAMATION AND PRIVACY ISSUES 14.20–14.40 John Campbell The law of defamation in flux: Fault and the contemporary commonwealth accommodation of the right to reputation with the right of free expression 14.40–15.00 Ursula Cheer The burgeoning of freedom of expression in New Zealand defamation law 15.00–15.20 András Koltay The regulation of the defamation of public figures in Europe 15.20–15.40 Val Corbett The right of publicity and the search for principle 15.40–15.55 DISCUSSION, Q&A 15.55–16.15 COFFEE BREAK

Session 5

HATE SPEECH AND TERRORISM 16.15–16.35 Robert A Kahn Offensive symbols and hate speech law: Where to draw the line? An American perspective 16.35–16.55 Jeroen Temperman Prohibitions of incitement in international law: The case of religion 16.55–17.15 Clive Walker Terrorism speech and militant democracy

Session 6

MEDIA FREEDOM AND THE EUROPEAN UNION 17.15–17.35 Balázs Bartóki-Gönczy The question of net neutrality in the United States and in the European Union 17.35–17.55 Petra Láncos Defining and enforcing European values 17.55–18.10 DISCUSSION, Q&A
CLOSING: 18.10