The Media Studies Research Group in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for the Humanities

The Media Studies Research Group was established in July 2012 to manage and oversee the media-related academic level research, publish scientific publications and organise and sponsor professional events. The studies, which bring together the different research groups of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian and foreign universities and professional organisations, mainly focus on the following areas: European media law, comparative European and overseas (eg Australia, United States, and Canada) media law; the relationship between the new Hungarian Civil Code, the Criminal Code and the media; Hungarian and foreign press and media history; media and church history.

The success of the research conducted with the participation of Hungarian and foreign experts is demonstrated in numerous studies, volumes and conferences in Hungarian and foreign languages. As a professional recognition of the work of this think-tank, based on the request of the prime ministerial commissioner responsible for preparing and implementing the national consultation on the Internet, several members of the Research Group participate in providing the academic background for the national consultation.

Conferences organised or sponsored by the Research Group:

  • Personality and the Media in Civil and Criminal Law (2015)
  • Freedom of the Press and Media Regulation in the Twenty-First Century (2014)
  • Person and Personality in Law (2014)
  • Chapters from the Media History of World War I (2014)
  • Intersections of Media History and Church History (2013)
  • Media and Identity (2013)
  • The Culture Transferring Role of the Press 1867–1945 (2013)
  • Freedom of the Press and Press Regulation in Hungary 1920–1989 (2012)

Volumes produced by the Research Group:

  • Tibor Klestenitz (ed), A médiatörténet és az egyháztörténet metszéspontjai. Tanulmányok [Intersections of Media History and Church History. Studies]. Budapest, MTA BTK, 2015 (forthcoming)
  • Tibor Klestenitz (ed), Médiatörténeti tanulmányok 2014 [Media History Studies 2014]. Budapest, MTA BTK, 2015 (forthcoming)
  • Vince Paál (ed), A sajtó kultúraközvetítő szerepe 1867–1945 [The Culture Transferring Role of the Press 1867–1945]. Budapest, MTA BTK, 2014
  • Benedek Tóth, Médiumok és valóságaik. Egy rendszerelvű médiaelmélet vázlata [Media and Their Realities. Draft of a System-based Media Theory]. Budapest, MTA BTK, 2014
  • Péter Smuk, A politikai diskurzusok alkotmányjogi szerkezete. A demokratikus közvélemény kialakulásának alkotmányos garanciái – európai standardok és közép-európai kihívások [The Constitutional Law Structure of Political Discourses: Constitutional Guarantees of the Development of Democratic Public Opinion]. European Standards and Central European Challenges. Budapest, MTA BTK, 2014
  • Krisztina Varsányi, „Hírlik, hogy Bethlen…” Bethlen Gábor fejedelem a Német-római Birodalom korabeli nyilvánossága előtt német nyelvű nyomtatványok tükrében [‘Bethlen, it is said...’ Prince Gábor Bethlen, as perceived by the public of the Holy Roman Empire, in the light of German prints]. Budapest, MTA BTK, 2014