Institute for Media Studies

Since its establishment in 2011, the Institute for Media Studies has been conducting media-related comparative and multi-disciplinary research to support the work of the Media Council, Hungarian and international professional organisations, higher education and academic groups and to inform the general public, with respect to the different branches of media law, press and media history, social media, child protection, media understanding and media consumption in the Carpathian Basin. The Institute takes an active role in the Hungarian media studies discourse, not only by participating in professional events, but also by organising round table discussions and conferences, publishing information continuously on its website ( about the major media studies events held in Hungary, and regularly publishing analyses on its blog related to various current media-related phenomena of Hungarian or foreign relevance.

The results of the research carried out under the auspices of the Institute are published mainly in the Institute’s own series, titled Media Studies Library (by the end of 2014, fourteen books had already been published) and, concurrently with this, are also on its website, accessible to anyone, free of charge. In addition to this, the Institute also pays particular attention to publishing the most significant results of international and Hungarian media research. The Institute, together with Wolters Kluwer Publishing Company, started a book and journal publishing programme back in 2012, in which foreign reference works on media studies are being published in Hungarian for the first time, and to provide explanations on the currently effective Hungarian and foreign media regulations and present summaries of the most outstanding Hungarian media research results. The journal In Medias Res, published every six months under the professional supervision of the Institute, contains Hungarian and foreign articles on freedom of speech and media regulation, and also provides the opportunity of publishing the reflections made in response to the writings published in the journal.

The research projects, conducted together with the Media Studies Research Group of the Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, address different issues of European media law, the new Civil Code, media and press history, and media ethics. The results of this cooperation are revealed to the general public at joint conferences and in different publications. In addition to these, the Institute pays special attention to promoting the media studies of the next generation and for that reason it has started a scholarship scheme to support the individual research of university students: in 2015 the Institute awarded grants for the second time to promote the research work of students preparing for the National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference and the consulting work of their professors.